Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

so heres a few pictures from christmas eve...opening presents,laughing,being silly...we had a really good time...we played cards,ate till we were sick,and then ate some more...and then some more...

Davy relaxing after the present opening....in the middle of the floor(:

what a little nerd(: so cute(:

jenn's candle from heidi(:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

new phone number

well,we shut off our cell phones,so if anyone needs to get ahold of us the number at home is (907)457-2816.

ive finally got all my baking done,ive been making cookies like crazy...i did several batches of sugar cookies,pecan shortbread cookies,russian teacakes,brownie mounds,almond clusters, chocolate truffles,and ice cream bon-bons....and i finally got all my christmas shopping done.yay!

now all i have left is cooking for the family get-together on christmas eve,im making coconut shrimp and homade eggnog,and then on christmas day,im contributing rolls,and twice-baked,stuffed potatoes....yummy...to go with moms prime rib(:

today the church went caroling at the denali center,and tomoorow we're doing a big church service at the pioneer home...choir and everything...its already been a great holiday season,i think ill probly cry once its all over with.the only thing missing is my beloved long lost sisters,and my beautiful susanna...ill be posting christmas pictures for you girls soon. i love you and miss you and wish so much you could be with us.hug-hug.kiss-kiss.Big Hug.little kiss.little hug.Big Kiss.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

So Cold

its finally below zero outside,and it feels wicked cold....its been an absolutely beautiful winter up until now...so i hope that the cold doesnt last for long...it got so warm for awhile that most of our our snow got melted,so we could use some more before christmas,for sure!!!heres a few shots of us playing in the snow!