Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Chub reading with the daddy...they were reading a tactical catalog together(: she's always just as happy as a clam as long as her daddy is next to her

Heathers bag

Heres the new bag i made for pretty sure this one is my favorite so far...i really wanted to keep it(: but i sent it out today(:inside buttons
side buttons i embroidered this little flower on the back this is the flower patch ive been saving for something special in my jewelry box for a couple years...i almost sewed it on a million things...Heather is pretty special to me the back the front

Monday, August 24, 2009

the winds of change...

.... are,GUSTING ,through our lives at about 1000 miles a minute...we're kinda just spinning and riding the waves...

so,as some of you might have and dad's house they are about to head down south towards central texas...we've been garage saling all of their stuff and alot of ours as well the past two weekends...most of it sold...almost all of it...phil and jenn and allen and tash and me and josh got some pretty good loot outta the deal too(: we'd rather have mom and dad instead of all their loot,but i guess its time to share them with the rest of the family.sigh. ):
they have been so good to josh and i,letting us use their extra apartment,and helping us out in many ways while josh was unemployed and in school.we couldnt have done it without them.

so now we're moving!!!again!!!we plan to stay in alaska at least another year or two and then maybe head to a warmer climate as we found a little house to rent on badger road,very close to the church we've been attending,and half way between our family in north pole and the police department josh works at in fairbanks. we are very happy because it was the first one we looked at and it was perfect for our little family.the other units we looked at didnt even thats a big change...we wont be in an apartment anymore.we have a house!our first house!!!and it has a little yard!!!(:

so anyways,everythings changing right now...and seems to be falling into place more perfectly than we could have ever baby,new job,new house,new church,and hopefully soon a new car(: our van is on its last leg.the Lord has really taken care of us and blessed us beyond anything we deserve,as usual.

so anyways,we should be moving into the new place this weekend,its happened really fast cuz we just found it this yall probly wont hear much from me until we get our internet up at the new place.

Josh's job is going great,he absolutely loves it and and his feild training is already going by super fast.its awesome.his F.T.O. is really impressed with him and hes only 3 weeks into his so glad that he loves his new job,and its really nice for me because he works 4 tens, so i get him all to myself for three days in a row right now.i love it(:

thats about it for now...i better get going on my packing,bleh...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few ramdom pictures from my phone...

so...heres the kid ridin in her sleepy wrap...she's pretty much attached to me 24/7...this makes it nice when im having trouble finding time to get stuff done...she loves this thing cuz she can watch and get into whatever im working on(:

the Chubba and the Reubinator...lovin on the grammy

check out these blue,blue eyes.....

she loves the high chair!!!(:

helping the momma with her sewing...and chillin in the sewing basket(:

trying to eat me...

my FAIR HAIR(: it looks red in these pictures,but it was actually spray painted hot pink

finally got a picture of the other side of the bag...this is the first one i made,for Jenn...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mom's bag

So...heres the bag i made this week...i gave it to my was created with her in mind.i love the fur around the top,it makes it look so wintery.i found the handpainted button at a thrift store,and ive been dying to put it on something special(:

my first attempt at embroidery...

So,in my devotions this week,there were two things that stood out to me,that ive really been meditating on.
Here's a thought to consider..."YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO"...the virtuous woman was considered what she was because of the things she DID do and the things she DIDNT do.if you practice evil,you will be considered an evil person.But if you practice good,you will be considered a good person.We are all sinners that struggle with the flesh everyday,but the difference is in the choices of our actions.What kind of behavior do YOU practice?
The second thing that stood out to me is a Bible verse.
Hatred and Love are portrayed as more than just feelings.they are conscious actions,a choice.
Poeple know that they are loved not only be the way they are treated,but by the way they ARENT treated.The same with hatred.You can tell someone that you love them all day long, but if you dont act it out,show it with your actions ,and abstain from evil that will cause them pain, they will never believe you.If you feel hate for someone,whether you want to or not,as long as you dont ACT on those feelings,they will never be hurt.
These are just some of my thoughts from this week...
The sermon that was preached on Sunday talked about overcoming GIANTS in your life...I have some incredibly big giants in my life right now,and i would appreciate all your prayers as i face them everyday.Im trying desperately to learn to lean on the Lord to fight these Giants for me, but i often fail in this area.Please pray for me if you love me.Thankyou all

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Josh started at Fairbanks Police Department yesterday!Im so proud of him for getting such a great job!We have been working towards this point all year,and the Lord has taught us so much and taken care of us through this whole experience.We thank HIM for that.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the bag lady.............

this is the beautiful Haiku bag that Josh bought me really into bags.....especially ones big enough to carry around my soda or tea,and snacks,and anything i might need to stuff in. recently ive been learning to use the sewing machine...since i love bags so much,thats been my new sewing project...ive made two this past week,and cant wait to get started on my next ideas

this is the second one i made...for Natasha...heres one side...
and heres the other... this was my first try...for Jenn...she loves these colors...i must have forgotten to get a picture of the others side before i gave it to her,but the other side is the yellow fabric,with two big flowers on the bottom corner,and i embroidered a few of the tiny flowers in pink...ill have to snag it back and take a picture of that side later