Thursday, January 29, 2009


ok...i got tagged...i guess that means im sposed to post a picture or two...i wont tag anybody since amber already tagged EVERYBODY(:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 weeks left!!!

Fetal Development Week by Week – Week 36
Your baby now weighs about 6 pounds and measures about 20.7 inches long. You’ve almost made it to the end now. Keep this in mind as you continue to grow increasingly uncomfortable. Your health practitioner will probably want to see you weekly now.
Fat is deposited in the baby’s cheeks this week and the muscles that help your baby suck are helping to fill out their little faces. Your baby’s bones are very strong, but the skull is going to stay soft, so that it can pass through the birth canal.
Baby’s immune system is continuing to develop and now they are receiving your antibodies. Liver and kidneys are now fully developed and functional, allowing baby to process some of their own waste. Meconium is accumulating rapidly now. This first bowel movement is normally voided soon after birth, but some baby’s will void while they are still waiting to be born.
Your baby is now a plump, round little person. All the extra weight and fat accumulation over the last few weeks has filled out their little bodies.
If you haven’t already had a GBS, or Group B Strep test, now is the time to ask your doctor or midwife about this test.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby shower at church

i still havent found out who made the cake,but it was sweet!!!(:
awww,,,reuben saber...little bald man(:

Reb at the food table???WHAT!!!???!!!

the guys had to race who could drink a bottle of powdered milk the fastest...mikey won,amazingly(:
the little kids played hot-potato with a groady diaper cadence actually won cuz davy was just a little slow on the draw Reuben Saber and uncle Josh theses guys had to play a game where they had to wear aprons with huge balloons stuffed underneath like preggo bellies,and see who could tie their shoes the fastest without picking their feet up off the floor
and the great diaper changing race is on...
jesses mom and dad were racing against each other,and jesse talon thought that
was too cool....he was cheering "go mum!"go dad!" and the grand finale.... can you tell who won???!!!(: guess whos gonna be changin the diapers at our house???(:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

35 week baby bump

by request of tori,heres the latest belly shot...i messured around my belly today,and it was a grand total of...brace yourselves...44 inches!!! (:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby shower loot(:

so the humpheys threw us a churchwide baby shower on Sunday night,but we didnt open our presents till we got home,so im gonna post pictures of all the cool stuff we got so everybody can was a fun shower,alot of yummy food and funny games,ill have to snag some pictures of the games from my mom and post them later
heres the carseat bug mom got forus...i just love it(: isnt it sooo cute???(:
gifts from mom and dad...i asked for the tights,she has tons of adorable dresses,so shes gonna need tights(: heres the adorable outfits from the humphreys,and some travel!!! heres rebs was so cute i had to show everybody(: all these cute outfits are from Rebekah my favorite outfit from Reb(:all this green and yellow stuff is from julie and doug...they didnt know we were having a girl,which im kinda glad so now she has some colors OTHER than pink!(: from julie...whoops got a little belly in that shot...haha(: also from julie(: more carseat cute!!! Kluane and Cadence got us the adorable silky...this thing is so cool!!! Mrs.Ronnie made one of her awesome sweaters,i was soooo hoping she would,i cant wait till she can wear this(: Mrs.Mary got us the looney tunes receiving blankets,and the bib...we thought it was funny,cuz we never really took Mrs.Mary as a Looney tunes fan(: heres jo's blanket...homeade gifts are my favorite...notice the wrapping she put it in(: how awesome is jo???(: caleb and lisa got these pink outfits,the desitin,pacifiers,and some lavender epsom salt,which,i loved amd have already taken a nice hot soak with(: what a cool mommy gift!!! the purple outfit is from natasha,and she made this thin flannel nursing blanket with a couple matching burp cloths(: im not sure who gave us the huggies,but awesome!!!diapers are the best(: Dawn gave me some nursing stuff(imagine that) that i didnt post,but i had to put a picture of her adorable gift bag,its so cute i just might use it as a purse(: all of this loot was from laurel and travis...burp cloths,pacifiers,fingernail clippers,nursing stuff, and a travel changing pad,very cool!!!(
i was trying to get a close up of the boppy fabric,it has the cutest little pigs on it(: accersories from the ryans...brush,pacifiers,nail clippers this stuf was from kassandra and mike...kassandra made this awesome boppy,it even has cool little storage pockets in the front,its very cute