Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mac's photography

McKinley decided to try her hand at photography this week...I took the first one to show her how it was done...

sneak peak of our house

Everything is a work in progress on the outside

My greenhouse that J dawg is building me(: (i know,im a lucky girl)

first half of my driveway

left side of house...where we want to level and put our yard in

chub doing a weird little dance

rt side of house/yard to be

second half of drive,around the bend...hi chub

view coming up the drive

more of chubs awesome moves(:

little tunnel in our woods

on the right side,josh just dropped a ton of trees for another yard...a big one...alot of work to do here

The front of the house...still needs gutters and a paint job(sorry phil and jenn,just not our colors)
perhps ill let you peak inside soon(: