Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So heres the start of my closet project...this is the closet in my spare has all my regular clothes in it,that i couldnt wear while i was preggers...ive been slowly trying things on and discovering that they're starting to fit again,so i need to transfer all these into my regular closet.
BUT!!!i cant do that until i clear out all my maternity clothes in this these need to get boxed up...i think that'll be my goal for today...i think thats a good start

then theres this pile...shirts that seem to not fit me anymore,and will have to go away until the nursing is over,or perhaps until some more weight is lost...

these are the boxes and piles of stuff ive been trying on and most of them are skirts,some fit,some dont,and i need to seperate them out and put the fitting ones on the wicker shelf... wicker shelf...this is where all my non-hanging skirts and pants are supposed to get folded neatly,but have just been getting piled higher and higher,on top of maternity clothes that were supposed to be neatly folded,but now nee to be put away...maybe i should just set this corner on fire and call it good...

and just to prove im not the only wreck in the house,heres josh's dresser,which i might even try to get around to organinzing AGAIN...i think my messiness has been a bad influence on him(: his mamma would be really,it rarely gets this messy,but with all the clothes swapping,its just been a wreck,and im gettin tired of off i go to do something about it.(:

Josh is getting tazedt today.He's very excited about it.He very nearly skipped out the door at 5:00 this morning with a huge smile on his face.Strange man.If he gets a video,i'm sure help want me to post it...I'd rather...have a baby...than get tazed...and we all know how much fun that least me and beks memories are pretty fresh(:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

this weeks goals...

I watched the economic debate today,and all i have to say about that really made me miss President Bush.

My goal this week is to go through all my clothes,try them on,see what fits,seperate out whats to small and too big...package them up,and organize my closets and dressers...

Ill take some pics of my mess and my progress throughout the week so ill stay motivated(:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

an interesting weekend...

Time to brag about my husband...Josh joined the Volunteers in Policing a few months ago,before he started school even,as a way to serve his community and get his name circulating amongst the police force.He has been very faithful to volunteer every weekend,and goes on patrol almost every friday night until the wee hours of the morning.So,because he is a VIP,he got selected out of his class to head up security for the Native Convention this weekend.he'll be gone doing this the next three nights,so everybody pray he'll stay safe,and have the energy to make it through the late nights,and early classes.McKinley and I are going to miss him alot because we'll barely see him,but we're very proud he got selected to do this,we know it means he's made a good name for himself. he's our hero here at home...GO JOSH!(:

So,in order to distract ourselves from our lonliness,McKinley and i are going to go to a girls night at Auntie Jenn's tonight,where we will watch movies and gorge ourselves on Pagoda(: then tomorrow night,our lovely freind michelle is gonna come visit,and have dinner and get her hair done before she leaves on a we have a full weekend ahead of us.

Im pretty tired today,i think this contest is wearing me out,not quite used to all the workouts yet,but im sticking to my menu's,havent cheated at all,and havent missed any workouts so already seeing results this week,so that is a real encouragement to stick with it!!!

my babies(:



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

here we go...

OKAY GIRLS(: im excited about this too...sorry it took so long today to get around to blogging,the baby had me up half the night,so i was sleeping this morning.

yesterday was hard...i managed to get through that whole workout,and im startn to feel pretty sore today,but i feel good also.when i take a break from working out,it always kicks my butt the first week i start back...i followed my menu for the most part,i had to add a little snack after my workout,because i started feeling faint.i had a spoon of peanut butter and half a banana...i wouldnt really consider that a cheat,because i dont know yet how much im gonna need to compensate for the breastfeding.

last night i felt pretty rough,i told josh i felt about 10 lbs lighter already,i love that feeling you get the first couple days of a diet,when your stomach starts to shrink.anyways,i felt rough from the workout,not the diet,and i went to sleep sooo fast.

for those of you who want to be involved in the biggest loser contest,ive authorized you to post on my new BIGGEST LOSER blog,its private,because i, for one,dont want the whole world knowing my weights and measurements,so itll just be between us gonna try to keep up with posting my menus,and workout,my weigh-ins,and can all post as often as you want,whatever your comfortable with.there are no rules,everybody can just do their own doing low-carb,ambers doing weight-watchers,i know jenn likes to do portion control,i think tori's cutting carbs,lanae starves herself (:

if anybody else wants to be involved in our contest,let me know,and ill authorize you to post on our private blog,and send you an email inviting you.i think we should all pitch in and buy a prize for the winner,like everybody send 5-10 bucks to that person to go towards a new pair of shoes or something...if anybody has a different idea,let me know,im just throwing stuff out there.

i weighed in this morning,so that will be my starting weight,and we will finish April 21st,cuz thats my anniversary,and i plan on eating dessert that day!!!(: anyways,i hope this answered all your questions,if you wanna see my stats and menus,youll have to check the BIGGEST LOSER BLOG

Monday, March 16, 2009

the battle begins... been a month...since i had the pretty much at a standstill with my weight loss.
after the first 25 lbs i lost the first two weeks,my weight has stayed pretty much the same these past two i guess its time to take some action.some of my clothes are fitting again,but im gonna have to do some serious toning before they look good.i only have ten pounds to go to get where i was last summer,when i was really seeing some results,so thats my first goal.

i started the south beach diet today,and i plan to work out 5-6 days a week also.strength training 3 days a week,and cardio 3-6 times a week.i worked out up till the day mckinley was born,so ive only been away from it for a sure ill be sore thus week,but it shouldnt last toooooo long,since im still somewhat in gonna start slow today,and just see how i starting with phase 2 of the southbeach diet,since im nursing,i dont want to cut out all my carbs.i think just the absence of sugar in my diet will make a big difference.

im actually really excited to see what happens this week,and im hoping to make it to my anniversary/birthday without poking any sugar in my mouth.i want to meet my first goal by then,which would get me back to last anniversary is the 21st of april,and my bday is the 23rd,which gives me approx. 5 weeks to lose ten lbs.i think thats fairly reasonable.

then i can gorge myself on birthday cake and set my next goal(:
ive been following ambers weight loss blog,and she is just a major inspiration to me,i hope i can be as dedicated as her!!!im just gonna document on my regular blog,if you guys dont wanna read it,just skip over the weight loss part(:


half cup oatmeal,with one cup of 1% milk,1 cup strawberries,and a few walnuts-8oz water

6 oz light blueberry yogurt -8 oz water

salad with light ranch dressing and 1 oz of cheese -8 oz water

apple and light cheesestick -8 oz water

6 oz of meat,2 servings veggies -8 oz water

chocolate ricotta creme' (ricotta cheese mixed with cocoa,splenda,vanilla and a few dark choco.chips) -8 oz water

20 min cardio(eliptical)
full body strength train-2 sets each muscle group,20 reps each


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

this and that...

while phil and jenn were in Hawaii for ten days,Jonny,Davy,and Jesse stayed at Mom and Dads house and had a great time!!!here a few shots of the fun!!!(:

We tried to coordinate a Bowling get-together for Big Ty's 18th Bday,but the timing just wasnt right in Feb,so we finally took him out last night,since it was spring break,and Dad didnt have a curfew(: it was a nice time!! wow...i guess this is why they say a pictures is worth a thousand words... im pretty sure she got a strike here(: another one that words cannot describe...
a few shot of my little beauty...
check out her cool long johns!!!(: chillin with uncle ty... having an in-depth conversation with her favorite uncle all dressed up for church day(:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

much ado about nothing...

Man its not exactly easy yo keep up with a blog with a new baby in the house!!!weve been sick all week,so its been a rough one.but we are starting to feel a lil better,so hopefully its uphill from here.
hopefully well be at full capacity by this weekend,because the plan is for McKinley to go see grammie on saturday for a few hours while Josh takes me on a snowboarding date!!!!(:hehehe
im very excited...weve been getting bucketloads of snow this week,so the mountain should be nice and powdery!i cant wait...its been over a year since ive been on my snowboard,and im excited to spend some time with josh...i think we could both stand to have a fun day(: i cant think of anything more fun than mountains,and snow,and making out with my hottie husband all day on the bus...hehehe(:
joshs school is going great,hes exhausted,but loving it...were already finishing week 3!!!he's gonna be graduating before we know it!!!im so proud of him(:
my kid is growing like a weed,i cant believe how chubby she is already...ill post some new pictures soon!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Im sick...McKinley's sick...Josh woke up with a sore throat...I think we caught it from Bek's Blog...):