Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is in full force...

Mac and I have been trying to get in some time outside when its not to cold...last week was pretty chilly though...only a few week left till snow i think...we'll be leaving for Hawaii on Sunday and are excited to get in a little more sun before facing winter.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Party Pictures(courtesy of Natasha)

Ok so here are the pictures of the birthday tea Natasha and i threw for jenn...these are the pics she took,and did a REALLY nice job of it too...you can DEF tell its not my photography(: thank goodness for creative and talented friends!anyways,everyone looked beautiful,and it was just so laid back and fun...i was so glad tori and lanae were in town to be part of this fun memory!

notice all the fancy matching gloves....natashas idea(: she just happened to have them on hand... along with the hats and shawls

my fancy table and my first attempt at scones...they were yum!

Lorae and Araena Degerland...my special girlfriendsThese two are so cute!!!Laurel and Baby Tavian The Lambert Girls Tasha's little Kate slept through most the fun(:
What a smarty pants...she's so adorable(: what would we do without her?(:
these two are great friends...i love it...two of the sweetest and happiest ladies i know...you can really see God's love shining through them
such a beautiful lady!!!
i think Tavian looks just like bro Dan...they have the same eyes(:
Glamour shots with the Birthday Girl
check out these blue eyed beauties!!!(:
Jenn and Tash...this picture cracks me up...it totally describes their friendship...a picture is worth a thousand words
Auntie Tori and Baby Kate
Auntie Jenn and Chubba
I love this girl...they have been so busy working on their house this summer(building)we havnt really been able to spend much time with Cutter and Larae this year,but hopefully this winter things will slow down so we can all get back to our fun diners and game playing...(:
this is the most awesome picture of these two!they look SO much alike!
and i thought Areana's expression was hilarious here!
so cute.sigh*