Friday, October 22, 2010

the projects of a crafty cheapskate

me and mac made our glitter pumkin tonight...

chubs hat still fit from last year,but we decided to emballish it a it seems like new(:
autie jenn gave me this cute hat,and i added a little to it(:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my little beach bum

lil surf baby...after playing in the ocean,and getting hosed down...she loved the water

so adorable(:


our giant sailboat

the captain's dog...chub loved him

seeing the dolphins was pretty cool

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mopeding to Kailua Bay

we started out in waikiki park...isnt it pretty???

theres alot of bums that live here...if i was a bum ,i would live here too...(:

also,this park is a VERY poplular spot to and tori ran it the night before i fun!

pappi on his moped...

random surfer.............
we got to stop and see ALOT of beautiful scenery...
the mopeding couple...
all the little specks are surfers waiting to catch a wave
theres a tiny little surfer in this pic...
if your look really hard theres a lighthouse in the background up on the bluff....that was called Makout Point(:

random snapshots at the hotel

mckinley smashed her nose off the toilet one evening right before we went out was pretty swollen,but thankfully she didnt break just bled,and puffed up,and then she had a black face for a few days...this was the night it happened,you can kinda see how puffy it was