Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i cant believe im already ten weeks along!!!

this is whats going to happens this next week...my baby's gonna start gettin big!!!(:

Week 11: Baby's sex may be apparent

Your baby at week 11 (nine weeks after conception)
From now until your 20th week of pregnancy — the halfway mark — your baby will increase his or her weight 30 times and will about triple in length. To make sure your baby gets enough nutrients, the blood vessels in the placenta are growing larger and multiplying.
Your baby is now officially described as a fetus. Your baby's ears are moving up and to the side of the head this week. By the end of the week, your baby's external genitalia will develop into a recognizable penis or clitoris and labia majora.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

nine week baby bump

heres my first baby bump picture(: this is mostly for amber cuz she wanted to see my belly...i know,i know,its not very impressive yet(: im nine and a half weeks in this picture...ill take a 12 week picture and maybe i'll be a little bigger(:

these pictures of jonny and davy are mostly jonnys handiwork...he got ahold of my camera while they were spending the night after the new baby was born...

i took these...we were watching the little giants,and eatin ben and jerrys(:

davy has full-on conversations with his froggy...his frog is awfully particular about things,constantly causing problems and being opinionated(:
they were real excited to get to sleep the futon(:
we had alot of fun...watchin movies,makin pancakes for breakfast,and going grocery shopping and playing on the playground(:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

whats happening this week...this is so cool

Week 10: Neurons multiply

Your baby at week 10 (eight weeks after conception)
By now, your baby's vital organs have a solid foundation. The embryonic tail has disappeared completely, and your baby has fully separated fingers and toes. The bones of your baby's skeleton begin to form.
This week, your baby's brain will produce almost 250,000 new neurons every minute.
Your baby's eyelids are no longer transparent. The outer ears are starting to assume their final form, and tooth buds are forming as well. If your baby is a boy, his testes will start producing the male hormone testosterone.

ok...heres my pictures of josh getting a clue when i should him the card i made with two little pink lines in it(:

and this is right after i told him...the happy glowing new parents(: we were a little dazed all day(:

and here is the handsome new mcbroom born to phil and jenn on saturday night...he doesnt have a name yet...but hopefully that will soon be remedied...jonny and davy are calling him "BABY BROTHER MCBROOM"(:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

eight weeks today...going into week nine

see the line on the pic?the top of the line is the top of his big head,and the bottom of the line is his little butt sitting on the eggsack(:

josh and i went to our first doctors appointment this week.it made everything seem so much more real than seeing two pink lines on a stick.our baby is healthy from everything they could tell,and my projected due date,feb. 25th,was right on target!they did an ultrasound to measure the baby,so we actually got to see our tiny 1/2 inch baby on the screen right next to us!it was so amazing that a half inch baby already has a very distinctive human shape,we could see the head and the little butt,and where his legs curled out,it was so cool.and the most amazing thing is that he is going to double in size this week!!!by the end of this ninth week,our little sea monkey will be a whole inch long(:

Week 9: Movement begins

Your baby at week nine (seven weeks after conception)
Your baby is now nearly 1 inch long and weighs a bit less than 1/8 of an ounce. The embryonic tail at the bottom of your baby's spinal cord is shrinking, helping him or her look less like a tadpole and more like a developing person.
Your baby's head — which is nearly half the size of his or her entire body — is now tucked down onto the chest. Nipples and hair follicles begin to form. Your baby's pancreas, bile ducts, gallbladder and anus are in place. The internal reproductive organs, such as testes or ovaries, start to develop.
Your baby may begin moving this week, but you won't be able to feel it for quite a while yet.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

going into week eight....

Week 8: Baby's fingers and toes form
Eight weeks into your pregnancy, your baby is just over 1/2 of an inch long.
Your baby will develop webbed fingers and toes this week. Wrists, elbows and ankles are clearly visible, and your baby's eyelids are beginning to form. The ears, upper lip and tip of the nose also become recognizable.
As your baby's heart becomes more fully developed, it will pump at 150 beats a minute — about twice the usual adult rate.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fifth of July pig roast in Ninlchik

we saw ton of animals...sheep,moose,rabbits,fox,
eagles,buffalo,but we only got pictures of the sheep
they were eating gravel(:
we left at 10 o clockp.m. after church on wednessday night,and arrived around 8;30 thursday morning

potty break in the middle of the night(:

bye-bye miss piggy
these guys werent too upset by the whole ordeal

skinning the pig...eeeww....gross

father/son time

we made food for two days straight

making garlic bread
smoking the meat
josh and ron traded off smoking the pig and basting it all night...it cooked all night and all day
taking the pig off the spit

shucking the corn
ron's special papaQ sauce for the pork sandmiches
lots of watermelon
smoked chickens and smoked sausage

meat,cheese and smoked sausage trays
baked beans and jalepenios
mmm..........smoked pork........

serving the whole town of ninilchik(:
there was so much food we didnt even scratch the surface with about 40 people there.after the food...everybody had ping-pong wars all evening
one of denise's boys

anita serving her homeaide icecream...she only made THREE different kinds!!!(:
pam and her new charge,Raisha...she was only two months old....so cute

noahs, mom,Mary...yes she's his mom,not sister(:

this is devon,noah's neice...she was an absolute riot...and noah is very proud of her...as you can see,he's already had quite an influence(:

at church on sunday

on our way home sunday after church...we were stuck in traffic for about two hours between girdwood and anchorage...not sure why we looked so happy right here...but we had a good time despite the traffic jam(:

this was the gorgeous sunset on the way back to fairbanks

our last stop was red robins of coarse!!!!(: