Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy new year!

im not sure what to say about this picture...theres no explaining speaks for itself(:

heres a few shots of my meow-meow,formally known as "cowlick",but prefers to be called "monster". his eyes only glow like this when he's looking at josh(: he likes to stare at josh condescendingly while josh attempts to get him to "come" by calling him over and over.then i call him and he snaps out of his trance and comes running to his mommy.its a common source of entertainment at our house.hes pretty amazing actually.he can jump about 7 feet in the air if you stick his jingle bell in the top of the favorite is when he stares at josh with his head cocked until josh finally notices and yells"dont judge me kitty!"

i dont know if you can see this first one,its a shot of jesse hugging his papa ron.joshs parents were up for new years and we had christmas with them and then new years day they took us all bowling(: it was really fun. jonny and davie went wild watching their dad bowling,and jonny told me he was watching closely to learn how to play when he got bigger.i told him he better start workin on his muscles cuz his arm were to scrawny to pick up a bowling ball,and he assured me he was gonna work on that while he laughed like a crazy boy.i think he was serious though(:

josh was trying to look cool after bowling yet another gutter ball(:

isnt this the prettiest picture youve ever seen of jenn???well one of them anyways(:i love this one....must be the pregnancy glow(:

simmer down!!!

all right listen up you bloodthirsty bloggers!people post cuz they have something to say or share not just to satisfy the bloodlust of internet junkies who need to find something better to do with their time than torture people who dont post when they have nothing to post.K???so go read a book or do something constructive!!!(: love you guys(: