Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Fun-filled Day

SO! last Sat. was mine and josh's cheat day from our healthy life style.its been one month since we've had any junk food so we ate out and went bowling and played games all day.Heidi and Ty joined us for the day since mom and dad were busy in town shopping .it was a great time.we went bowling and ate icecream and then went out to north pole to play cards for awhile.


wow...what on earth is goin on here
the shrek-man figuring out this bowling thing...he was a major spas cuz he's only ever bowled like twice in his whole life(:
Big Ty went from bowling gutter balls to spares and strikes in less than one game!

ok heidi...its time to take your Ritalin now
"I cant believe i missed that last pin!!!"

Enough pictures already...what a party pooper(:

josh takes his bowling very seriously(: notice the accuracy of heidi's orange ball(: Field Goal!!!!

talk about yer perfect form! heidi's shoes(:

guess who was the old maid both times?(:

this was at chili's,after we went bowling.we all went out for icecream(:
i think Fabio was getting tired of getting his picture taken at this point(: hehehe the scary aftermath of Chili's

playing "May I?" this is our favorite card game to play on Sunday afternoons,although this was a special Saturday game

we were playing Old Maid while we were waiting on the guys to get back to the house
mine and moms winnings
The Old Maid herself