Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alyeska/Girdwood Trip

caught in the act!!!...of making breakfast?impressive...(:

heres a few shots of the house we rented for the weekend...the pictures do it no justice,it was absolutely beautiful!
-looking up from the living room

overlooking the living room
the boys in the hot tub the first night
Rebs loft
living area
dining room
caleb and jord's room

overlooking the kitchen

cooking dinner the first night...we forgot all the stirfry veggies at home,so we came up with this interesting stirfry/shrimp/rice concoction that turned out really good actually

mine and josh's room

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alyeska/Girdwood Trip

on our way home after an awesome trip...let me tell ya...its not easy to spend 8 hours in a car what with all the sore musles that were going on the day after(:

Homecoming refreshments(:
on the tram...heading up for our last run of the day
taking in the sunset on top of the mountain after we jumped out of the helicopter(:
if you look closely beside the three lights at the top of the mountain,youll see a dark blotch...thats where the tram dumped us off...
At the end of the day in front of the Alyeska Hotel

caleb and josh
somebody who thinks they're Danny Kass
and the question were all asking is... "whats up with jordans outfit?"(:
josh tearing up the mountain
on the tram

Punky Brewster
what a great way to spend Valentines!!!(:
two hot snowboarders(:
reb taking pictures of herself in calebs goggles...
jordy and caleb on the skilift

heres a few shots of the boys making everyone breakfast the morning we were gonna go boarding...great omlets guys!(:

hiking to the tram for our first run of the morning...we were there by 10 but didnt get on the tram till 11;30 because they were blasting the mountain...i guess avalanchea warnings were high because it had rained the day before.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pictures!!!(: heres my adorable hat that jo made me...and reb made me the scrarf(i meant to spell it like that kluane thats how i say it too(:

see we picked out the color of yarn to match my vest that i always wear(:
now heres a few of my monster kitty...he was watching the hockey game...and batting at the tv trying to get the puck!it was so funny(:

heres a few after he got his bath...scary...he hates baths...but thats what he gets for smearing poo across my white sure makes me feel better...justice is served...hehehe(: and this is one of his favorite places to play when im doing the laundry(: i think he thinks its his fort or provides hours of entertainment for himheres a couple shots i got after church one night of everybody you can see tarissa is quite the little ham when theres a camera around(:
and heres the beautiful,always-smiling Takoa Rose Chase
whats this?Alan preaching to Phil???and the student becomes the master...(: notice:REB'S EYE
kASSANDRA:and then my hair like totally turned more blonde like
LANAE:no way!!!is that even possible?!
KASS:yah and then youll never believe who noticed my more blondish hair!mike!can you believe it?i just cant believe it!...
LANAE THINKING:i wish she'd snap the picture already my face is starting to cramp from this fake smile
KASS:...yah and then i said yah!and he was like yay?and i was like YAH!
preggo natasha with kluane,aimmee,and sure i just spelled some names very wrongly...
yes...aren IS worshipping dave...sometimes he just cant hold it in anymore...
and the forever joined-at-the-hip david and goliath sisters...i mean heidi and krista(: