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Everyday stuff...

well since tori made a wordy post,it inspired me to do the same(:

Life has been really good lately.Our year is going so well,and im so thankful the Lord is helping us improve in every aspesct of our lives.

Our daughter is shooting up like a weed,and learning new words every week.Her favorite word is "cracker" and im teachng her how to say auntie tori,and keep showing her pirtures so she'll be ready when tori gets here.she calls her "tee-tee" for now...good enough...we'll keep working on it though(: harharhar her hair is getting long and curly,and being out in the sun she's already turning into a blondie...i never thought id have blonde curly kids,guess i was wrong.shes so adorable,and really lights up our lives in so many ways.

Im really busy training right now...for what?im not sure...mostly for me i guess(: im running 3 miles a day and strength training in two different ways,and hopefully im gonna get to make my goal and run in the midnight sun run in june....its a 10k,so it will be pretty cool if i can run the whole thing...jenn is training for it too to do it with me.Josh and i are on the south beach diet for the summer,trying to meet our weight goals by october when we go to hawaii...we are doing it organically as well,and its been a month sice we started it hardcore and feel awesome!!!ive lost a few extra pounds,and josh has lost 8 so far.itll be fun to see what we can accomplish this keeps me busy,and i like that.Im reading some books that amber sent me on depression and mind control,and its helping my outlook on life as well.i also read a book on balancing hormones naturally and ive been experimenting with that a bit as well...vitamins,diet, excercise,eliminating things from our life,adding other things,its been a real jouney this year.i feel like ive learned so much,and the Lord has been so good to teach me what i need right when i need also staying focused in the Word and in Prayer and Wow!Its amazing how He gives me what i need everyday if i just take the time to spend with Him.Its alot easier not to focus on negative thoughts when you are focusing on the important things.God has brought so many people into my life this year and everytime i reach out to try and be a friend and a blessing im the one that truly gets blessed!!!

Weve been getting up at 5 evry morning and doing a family devotion with breakfast,and praying together,and it makes such a differance in both our days...we feel like we have a true sense of purpose,and if we miss a day,we can tell.Our marriage is growing in alot of ways,and we are also reading some child training books and growing as parents.We love being parents!its sooooo much work,but we are enjoying every second of it!

Our financial journey with dave ramsey is going aweome too!!!we made some HUGE cutbacks this summer,and should be debt free in the next month or two.We have learned so much about living debt-free,budgeting,saving and giving and just general money managemnt this year,and that has been a huge blessing in our lives as well...i geuss you could say were on a financial diet this summer,and its gonna pay off big time for the rest of our lives...we are learning to live like no one else,so that later "we can live like no one else" (: if anybody needs financial advice,let me know,i can tell you some really awesome stuff about what weve learned through this course this year.our gazelle intensity is at an all time high this summer....harharhar...only some of you know what im talking about,but thats ok(:

Joshs job is going super...he was a little nervous about switching to day shift for different reasons,but has found he is really enjoying it despite missing the thrill of working nights...he said he may even bid days the next go-round cuz he's lovin our schedule and family time(: he just started working out again as well,trying to catch up to his crazy die-hard wife,and is feelin pretty whippy(:

Its just been a really good summer so far,and its barely even sarted so im excited about what its gonna bring.Tori and I a gonna do some devotions together when she comes up,im excited about that,and im trying to get some stuff started with the younger girls at church soon too.

I planted flowers and got my yard all prettied up this week and ive been outside enjoying the sunshine almost everyday since it showed up....ill take a picture of my little house and yard once it starts blooming and greening up a little more.Well i better get off here and get my devotions done before my friend shows up to get her hair done...its been a pleasure catching up!(:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chubba and Friends...

at red robins on our way home from ninilichic

this girl knows how to roadtrip

playing with her favorite person in the whole wide world

she swiped the nanna's monkey for company

my two favorite babies

shes loved to accesorize...wonder where she got that :P

look what the humidity has done to my hairs....

mooching third ...or fourth?..breakfast off of nanna...

two gnarly peas in a far out pod

shopping with auntie at old navy...
wheres chubba???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
if she thinks she's gonna be a model she's got another thing comin... :P

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

almost to my goal

its been exactly one year since having the baby and getting back to my weight loss goals...i had lost around 20 lbs before i got pregnant,and gained about 10 back during the pregnancy.a month after having her,i redoubled my weight loss efforts and here are the results in one year.

about a month after having her...

this is where im at today....

i have about 15 lbs to go until im at my goal...ive lost 25 this past year,and counting the 10 i kept off during the pregancy from before,a grand total of thirty-five in the past two years...not too bad considering it was slightly disrupted by a pragnancy (: im hoping to run the last 15 off by the time we go to hawaii in october...pray for me that i can do it!its alot of hard work but im pretty sure im i keep pushing myself to the limit i can do it!my back is almost completely healed now, i am so thankful to be able to run again!!!