Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good news

we had what we think was our last hospital treatment tonight.josh's leg has gotten a little better all day,the inflammation has continued to receed,and this evening was the first time his pain began to let up.he's feeling much better,his leg looks alot better than it did even since this afternoons appointment,with the exception of the gaping hole in it.thats gonna take awhile to heal im sure.
anyways,things are looking up,and we appriciate all the prayers and concern!(:

Friday, April 4, 2008

update on josh

yesterday was day three for I.V.antibiotics,and the staff was still spreading in josh's leg.the inflammation had more than doubled from day one,wrapping halfway around his leg.he had pain now shooting up his thigh,through his kneecap,and down to his foot.finally the doctors cut his leg open to drain whatever was in it,but there wasnt any fluid,so they proceeded to pull chunks of infected meat out of it,leaving him with a gaping hole in his leg,then packed the hole with medical tape.its sick.his inflammation looks much better today,but the pain is still excrutiating,mabe even worse than before.he cant walk on it and will probably be on crutches awhile longer.anyways,we still have to continue going back to the hospital for treatments indefinetly.we're not out of the woods yet,but seeing the inflammation receed is a good sign.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poor Josh

For those of you who havent heard,Josh has developed a nasty Staff infection in his leg and we would appreciate your prayers.this just occurred since Monday,and hes been in and out of the hospital ever since.every couple hours we have to go back to the hospital so they can administer antibiotics through the I.V. needle he has taped to his wrist.if the antibiotics dont do the trick within the next two days ,they may have to operate on his leg to get the infection out.If you know anything about Staff,you know its never a good thing,very hard to get rid of,and alot of times fatal.thank the Lord we caught it before it progressed any further.the doctors say it is a particularly bad strain that is eating at the muscles in his leg,so that he is unable to walk...hes not allowed to work and must keep his leg elevated and immobilized for several days.he's on a lot of pain meds,but his spirits are high.if your all wondering why im posting in the middle of the night its because im trying to stay awake to take him to the hospital for his treatment in just a few hours.its been a crazy crazy day and the Lord has seen us through it...thankyou for all of your prayers,and phonecalls...we should know more tomorrow whether or not the antibiotic will work.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Natasha's Baby Shower

Jo and I had a ton of fun planning and throwing this baby shower....

Jo-Jo preparing all the delicious food for the baby shower....too bad i didnt get a picture of all her hard work before it got devoured!
here my candyland cake...i had been looking for an excuse to make this cake all year!!!(:

Everyone arriving for the shower
Natasha with her freind Bambi
looks like mrs. ronnie's singing a song or something(: but she wasnt...i loved her gift the best...she knitted i little tiny dusky blue hooded pullover sweater for the "Brandt Child" why so gloomy Cadence?(:

Dawn gave a very interesting and entertaining devotion about "Feeding your kids by the Shepherd's tent"...i think she was singing her song in this picture

Ronnie,Laurel,and Lisa Jesse and Davy LOVED the Candyland cake(:

Krista and baby Tekoa Chace

Cadence and Jonny did all the present handing ...a very big help(:

Opening gifts! some random guests....who are these people?they werent on the guest list....were they?(:

listening to the devotion

heidi pretending not to notice im taking her picture(: what a babe!(:

the onsie-painting was my gift to natasha...i bought three different sizes and fabric paints,markers,and stencils...and then let everybody make her personalized onsies! this one was my particular favorite....the artist was...KLUANE!(:
this is the one i said HOP! on the butt(:

GOOD TIMES! we're so happy Natasha is a part of us(: and we cant wait to hold that baby!(: