Sunday, December 27, 2009


bek made tutu's for the little girls for christmas...this is our attempted photo shoot with them on...mckinley kept trying to escape,and madeline was really mad,and hollering at the top of her lungs the whole was hilarious(:


all these funny kids together...heres just a taste of the craziness...its been alot of fun watching them all interact!(: mckinley follows susannah around and copies everything she does...its hilarious...madeline is still stationary,so she tends to get left in the dust...but she doesnt mind to much,as long as she has some puffs to munch(:

susannah and jesse talon are right around the same age



So we picked tyler up from the airport during the night,and he crashed at our house until the next morning,we headed over to mom and dads and he snuck in the back door(:

mom was so soon as she saw him she turned into a puddle...she had been saying all week how the only way her christmas would be perfect was if Tyler was home...(:

just look at this punks face...isn't he cute?(:

he had been texting me all week,saying "this is gonna be so awesome!"

all the boys got early christmas presents from Big they are sporting them(:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what fun we're having!!!(:

Thhe heathmeister has been here for a lil over a week,and the time is just flying by...we only have a few days left with her,but how much we have enjoyed having her here,if only for a short while!!!(: i do love my heath sister

Trying to get the little girls to sit and pose is like the hardest thing...they were way too interested in fighting over lucy,the sock monkey,and trying to escape with every shot!

Mckinley has really taken to alisa...she pets her and tries to kiss her,and alisa looks at her solenmly and sais "NO!"(: its hilarious...

lets get outta here!!!maybe if we run at the same time,she wont be able to catch us!(: