Monday, January 30, 2012

A cold January update

Its been a while since ive had time to blog,so here's whats going on...

Its been the coldest winter ever-consistently between -35 and -55 for months so done with this weather...weve been couped up in the house from that and sickness for months now and its time for a break.Were starting to get more light outside,and its time for the weather to warm up so we can enjoy some of the newfound sunshine!

Mckinley is turning 3 in a few weeks....sniff sniff...she's growing up waaaaay too fast for me.Im busy planning a birthday party for her...its gonna be a rainbow-y party i think...we're gonna have the Brandts over for her birthday since Mac loves them(:

Lucy Jane is just a beauty and a joy...she's growing way too fast too,and i have enjoyed every second with her...she's a fairly easy baby,and super intelligent.she watches her dad and sister play and gets so excited.I know she's gonna be right in the middle of it before long.she's 4 and a half months old right now,and a whopping 12 and a half lbs!(: i know before long shes gonna be toddling around...she trying to roll over and scoot around already,and sits up really well...ALMOST on her own.(:

Josh is still trying to figure out if he wants to be in law enforcement or not,and is patiently seeking and desiring the Lord's will in this matter.For right now he's working on his electrical apprenticephip,and getting a trade under his belt,despite what we decide.I'm so very proud of him.He has grown and matured so much this year through all the trials they Lord allowed,and accepted them with grace.He is the best daddy in the whole wide world,and is COMPLETELY whipped by his 2 little beauties(: He has a hard time telling them NO about anything,but he does,knowing its for their own good eventually(:

Ive been working hard on losing baby weight and am involved in an 8 week weightloss challenge with some of my best girls on my BIGGEST LOSER that been keeping me real busy.I'm pretty much rocking that challenge's face off.Im so excited to see some serious progress,it was really hard to get anything accomplished in that area because of all the holidays that came right after having the baby.So far ive dropped 6 and a half lbs since the new year,and counting(:

I was trying to do p90x with Josh,but it was a little much after just having a baby.Physically I was fine,i loved it,its just way too time-consuming to fit in with my running schedule.So after a month on p90x,i switched to and equally challenging,but less time-consuming Jiilian Macheals workout program,and im focusing mostly on my running now.I plan to start training for the equinox marathon in may,so i have pre-training going on right now...haha...ive been focuzing on getting my long run up to a 10k,and im almost there...last week i ran a 5 miler,and i plan on running a 6 miler this coming excited to be making so much progress so soon,as it took me 3 months to run a 10k last time i trained.its only taken my a little over a month this time,and im already working on speed so when the races come around this summer,ill be more than ready(:

Ive been cooking,sewing,and crafting when i have time,which isnt alot,but some(: seems like i stay very busy without even trying.

Dawson and Dawn Tozier are teaching an amazing class on parenting right now,and we've been so priveleged to be a part of that as well..."Growing kids God's way" an exellent series,i would highly recommend.I can think of no one better to teach it than Bro.Dawson,he's always been a upstanding example in all aspects of his Christain walk.We feel quite privileged to sit under his teaching for a while.

We are seriously considering a move to Texas in the near future,but are waiting and seeking the Lord in this area first.Please pray with us regarding this decision.It's a big one,seeings how we just bought a house in Fairbanks,but if the Lord works it out,we'll consider it a green light.It has been in our hearts for some time,and we would love to be closer to some of our family in the states for a while.Wouldnt it be awesome if I got to be neighbors with bek?(: hehehe it my dream and it might come true(:

Mom and Dad are staying with us right now,and are planning on building a house this summer.They are working towards getting a mission work started and its been a blessing to have some time with them this year.They are are huge blessing to us,and i hope we are to them as well.Im so glad they finally sold their house,and are moving forward!(: Mckinley is really enjoying having gram and grandpa around,as you can imagine(:

Even though we're only a year into it,its already been an eventful year,and i know theres lots more to come.We look forward to seeing God work this year in all aspects of our lives,knowing we will be in a very different place come next January,one way or the other!(:

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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 resolutions

1. Be more crafty

2. Run the equinox marathon

3. Lose the baby weight

4. Read my Bible through to the end

5. Complete p90x and Insanity

6. Grow my hair out

7. Keep in touch with family

8. Start a playgroup

9. Focus on my personal walk with the Lord

10. Spend more time on my knees than ever before

11. Make friends

12. Win souls!