Monday, March 28, 2011

15 weeks today...25 to go!

25 weeks to go sounds like a lot...but in one more month,ill be halfway...i call that progress!!!its going by fast,and i know with summer coming up the second half will go by even faster!summer is my favorite season,and we spend alot of time being active outside,so ill be distracted and having this baby in no time...josh has been planning some camping trips and day hikes for us already,and im chomping at the bit for the snow to be gone so we can get our bikes out and start running outside!

ive been keeping up with my running and weightlifting,and can still run my 5k on most days...

its getting a little more challenging with some extra weight,but im always up for a challenge!(: Some of my girls did yoga with me this morn,and it was so nice and relaxing after killing myself with weighttraining and running all week...we loved it!

Well,summer can't come fast enough for me,and i sure hope the sun comes out and melts all this snow that got dumped on us last night!until then,guess we'll get our sleds out and enjoy it!McKinley loves when i pull her in the sled,and Lovey bear always gets a ride too!She goes NOWHERE without Lovey Bear,especially sled riding.Last night at church,Travis and Laurel were singing a special,and Lovey Bear started dancing around and singing(quite loudly and happily) with them.After this went on for a minute or two,she put her finger to his lips and shushed him very sternly...oh that daughter of mine...(:

Baby Kicking - 15 Weeks Pregnant -- Fetal Development This Week --

Baby Kicking - 15 Weeks Pregnant -- Fetal Development This Week -- "Week 15 of Pregnancy: Baby Kicking and Curling Your baby is as long as four and a half inches right now, and weighs a bit over two ounces. Hold a large navel orange in your hand — that's how big your little darlin' is. Curious why your body is finally looking like it's pregnant? That's because your baby is growing bigger each week — he or she is as long as four and a half inches right now. Need a better visual (and a snack)? Hold a large navel orange in your hand — that's how big your little darlin' is at 15 weeks pregnant. (Now that you're done looking, peel that orange and eat it for a delicious two servings of vitamin C!). So what keeps your baby busy all day? Mostly, your fetus is in rehearsals — practice, practice, practicing, and getting ready for that big debut. Babies practice breathing, sucking, and swallowing so that when they leave your comfy womb and move into your comfy house, they'll have the skills necessary to survive. Fetal body movements continue to get practice this week, too. But because your baby weighs so little (a bit over two ounces), you won't feel the calisthenics going on inside your abdominal gym. But don't let that fool you. Your fetus is holding daily aerobics classes — kicking, curling toes, and moving those little arms and legs. And with each passing week, your fetus is looking more and more like the baby you're picturing in your dreams. By now, the ears are positioned properly on the sides of the head (they used to be in the neck) and the eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front of the face — where they'll soon meet your loving gaze."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"A Woman After God's Own Heart"-by Elizabeth George

Amber and i just started reading this book today.What a challenge.We are trying to help each other turn our daily devotions into a habit...seems like i do good for a few months,and bad for a few...ive been real busy lately,but now that life is slowing down a bit,its time to refocus.

This book starts out by challenging you to give yourself to God each and everyday.A simple concept,but man!trying to remember to do this everyday,not so simple!Its like i need to put a post-it on my bathroom mirror to remind me until i form the habit!maybe i will.Its a change of heart that im looking for and i believe it will make all the difference in my day-by-day walk.Choose God every day!!!

Then she challenges you to stop before every decision and figure out the what is good,better,and best.and always choose the best!consider what God would have you choose.In every response,in every reaction,in evry decision.ha!that will be a challenge as well...and so this week,im working on that...its gonna take some practice to stop and consider GOD'S best and not just react with my own decisions.

She talk about cultivating a 'HOT HEART' towards God.not cold,not lukewarm.That is something to pray about.God will have to do this for me.I will have to ask him for this.

The biggest thing she challenged me on in this chapter was giving everything to him everyday.
My Family,My husband,My daughter,and letting him do what he knows is best,.Its easier for me to give him the little things,but the thought of asking God to do whatever he wants with my family,i immediately panic.How could i live without then if He decided to take them away?!?
I need to work on loosening my grip,and trusting that He knows whats best,whatever that might be.Nothing i have been given is my own,and thats a hard pill to swallow.

"Hold all things lightly,and nothing tightly"

"God is ready to assume full responsability for the life wholly yeilded to Him"-Andrew Murray

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Two posts in one day!!!oh my!!! :O

Well i dont wan get boring with the baby sure its not as fun for you all to read as it is for a little obsessed,i admit...i admire my belly constantly,and every week i article hop all over the internet to read weekly updates on a million different baby sites(:

BUT there is other good things of which!!!dun dun best girl Tori is coming home to Alaska!!!for least for now.I dont know when or where or how it happened,but over these last few years,she has become my dearest and best friend,and im so excited to be picking her up at the airport on Thursday morning!

I dont have lots of friends.Over the past few years,i have chosen very carefully the quality of people that i want in my life,and near my family.Next to my sisters and brothers,i can probably count my close friends on one hand.Its not a sad thing,but i have been feeling a little lonely since my last sister moved away,and my last brother and sis-in-law are about to join the military and leave too.So a few weeks ago,im sitting on the pot(TMI!!!) and im feeling sorry for myself and it dawns on me....TELL THE LORD ABOUT YOUR HEAVY HEART!!!ASK HIM FOR WHAT YOU NEED!)oh yah...sometimes i forget that he cares about my little i start to pray....and i start to cry...I asked him to bring me someone that i can be close to.some quality.someone special.Im kinda think someone new,but i HATE meeting new takes me FOREVER to get comfortable and trust people enough to actually be good friends.Thats why i love my siblings so much.i love that bond.

So the next day,after my somewhat selfish prayer,my best girl who has been in Hawaii for like what 3 years now...texts me and tells me shes coming back to Alaska indefinety and she thinks its the Lords will for her to live here for now!can you believe that???So i started to cry,and bowed my head and thanked the Lord for answered preyer.This is the girl ive known since she was 2 years old....weve been through thick and thin together,and she has been the biggest spiritual inspiration and encouragement when i needed her the most.Talk about your answered prayers!Im just too excited,can you tell(: big huge smiles(: Welcome Home Tori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 weeks today

Had my second doctors aptmt today,at 14 weeks...its always exciting to hear the heartbeat of your tiny one when you havnt felt much movement yet.

i have felt some butterflies,but im not quite sure yet(: could be the baby,could be gas(: its should happen soon though....i think i started feeling mckinley kick around 16 weeks,and they say you usually feel the second baby sooner,since you know what to expect(: yay!im looking forward to it,and so is josh...he said to me the other day that he couldnt wait till he could feel the baby kick...i think thatll make it more real for him since see hasnt gotten to enjoy any of the sickness that has made it so real to me.(:

My belly is startin to stick out,and im havin to start wearing maternity clothes a little now,although they are way to big.sweats are pretty much my best friend right now!

im still running and weight lifting,and excited that i can still run 3 miles at a time no problem(other than bathroom breaks!)cant wait for the snow to melt so i can be outside and get more active...

also,Mckinley thinks she has a baby in her tummy too...its pretty funny(:

"How big is your baby?
Your baby is now over 4 inches long and weighs just a little less than 2 ounces.*

What is happening with your baby?
Your baby is continuing to grow and mature at this point. Your baby’s arms are going to begin to lengthen and be more proportioned to the rest of the body. The liver is beginning to produce bile, while the spleen is beginning to produce red blood cells.
The development of your baby’s brain enables him/her to use his/her facial muscles to grimace, frown, and squint. He/she may even be sucking his/her thumb. Because you have begun the second trimester and most of the critical development has been completed, the chance of miscarriage decreases.*"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

12-13 weeks

The baby is approx. the size of a peach rt now(:

Monday, March 7, 2011

12 weeks pregnant

Sory i havnt had much time to blog,and very limited internet access...i borrowed my moms computer for a few minutes this afternoon.We're in the midst of a move and i feel like a vagabond...we are staying with mom and dad right now until phil and jenn vacate the upstairs aptmt,hopefully by this weekend.Its going fine,but im ready to be done moving and get my life organized again.

The pregnancy is going good,im exactly 12 weeks today.and finally the naseau is letting up A LITTLE.i have good days and bad days,but i make the most of the good ones,and get my runs and weightlifting in,and ive taken up yoga and some prenantal strenght videos i ordered.My energy levels go up and down,but at lest they are up some days now.and for that i am thankful.I'm not gonna lie,this first trimester has been rough,and im glad its almost week left and ill be into my second tri!yay!im sure summer will help it go by fast...i plan to keep running as long as i can,my doc gave me the go ahead,and i am real happy about that.Having some back issues,i can tell my spine isnt too happy about being pulled out of whack,but its managable so im not complaining.

Im so happy to be pregnant really.its hard to be happy when you feel like poo all the time,but i really am happy,and im already in love with my new little one...i rub him,and talk to him,and sing to him,and im teaching mac to do the same...shes very excited about the baby and keeps asking if he's gonna come out(: its gonna be awhile(: my due date is september 19th i thinkthats what the doc figured,so got 28 weeks to go....amazing to think that in 28 weeks,our spring and summer will be gone,and we will be well into fall...wowie....

I'll try to get a belly shot up soon,i dont think its changed much,but i post a 9 week pic,and since i actually was only 8 weeks,then it was 4 weeks ago,so its time to see if theres a change...i actually feel like i shrunk a bit,because alot of the bloating from the high progesterone levels subsided,so im excited to take a new pic and see if theres a change.

12 weeks pregnant BabyCenter: "How your baby's growing:
The most dramatic development this week: reflexes. Your baby's fingers will soon begin to open and close, his toes will curl, his eye muscles will clench, and his mouth will make sucking movements. In fact, if you prod your abdomen, your baby will squirm in response, although you won't be able to feel it. His intestines, which have grown so fast that they protrude into the umbilical cord, will start to move into his abdominal cavity about now, and his kidneys will begin excreting urine into his bladder.
Meanwhile, nerve cells are multiplying rapidly, and in your baby's brain, synapses are forming furiously. His face looks unquestionably human: His eyes have moved from the sides to the front of his head, and his ears are right where they should be. From crown to rump, your baby-to-be is just over 2 inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce."