Tuesday, July 28, 2009

whats happening...

First of all,Josh got a part-time job at the Prospector,because the hiring process for FPD is taking so long.So he's been working with Tyler 3 days a week,and trying to stay somewhat busy.
He's completely through the hiring process with the Police Department,the last steps are just finishing up this week,and hopefully he'll be starting his job here in the next week or two.

Mom and Dad sold their house so we'll be moving out of their apartment here in the next month.
Lots of changes going on,starting a new job,finding a new place to live,and even looking for a new vehicle,something a little more reliable than our rickety minivan...were looking at honda elements,and toyota landcruisers...we're thinking we might start looking for a place out on chena hot springs rd,an appartment or a small house.That would be nice,if we could find someplace in between work,and church.

My newest hobby is learning how to sew.i asked mom to teach me how to use her sewing machine,and im working on quilting some handbags,and possibly some pillows...those seem like fun and easy projects so learn on.

McKinley is growing like a weed,and learning new stuff everyday.she's the happiest baby youll ever meet.she's working on learning how to sit up right now,and rolling over pretty good.she is almost 6 months old,i cant believe it.her favorite thing to do (besides eat) is take a bath.

heres a picture of her little fresh self,bundled in a towel,straight out of the bathtub.

i love how these pictures show off her bright blue eyes...they are pretty much the same color as Josh's...i love that(:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Life of a Chub...

McKinley turned 5 months old last thursday...i can hardly believe how fast she's growing...we are enjoying her so much,and she just gets sweeter every day...she loves to talk,usually at the top of her lungs,and she loves music.she laughs constantly,is a very good natured baby.
She spends alot of time talking to her daddy...he's pretty much her favorite person ever

she finds him very amusing,and he absolutely loves entertaining her
sporting her sunhat

Lets just see what this dress tastes like...she has to taste everything...

oops...falling...over....shes still not quite got the sitting up thing...were workin on it though(:

she loves to sleep with her snuggle bunny,from cadence and kluane

she takes over our bed pretty much every morning...this is her favorite time,and she is always in such a good mood in the morning...she lays between us and kicks her feet like crazy,and turns her head backs and forth like a little maniac looking at both of us,just giggling,and laughing,and touching our faces...its so adorable...then she wears herself out eventually and goes back to sleep for awhile

this is her crazy picture that we thought looked like her papa ron(:

check out this belly!!!

this is a very "mckinley" look(:

this is the outfit she got the other day from mrs.dana...Zach's mom the amish baby...
driving her jeep around the golf course...we try and go out and walk with Josh whenever he goes golfing...
this is one of my all-time favorites
first time in the jonny jump-up...she loves it!!!
we starting eating REAL food this past week...as you can see,shes pretty happy about it...
shes tried carrots,applesauce,bananas,and cereal...the carrots seem to be her favorite....so far(:
this is how she was sleeping in the back of the car...what a nut