Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome Lucy Jane Lambert

Disclaimer-Dont read this if yucky birth details offend you-just sayin

So Lucy's birth story...well,i did the impatient thing and took castor oil.I wasnt desperate or anything,but bek did it with madeline at 39 weeks,and went into labor and had a baby a couple hours later.So i read up about it,and its basically just a way to induce labor a little more naturally.Most article just said if your body is ready to go into labor,and you take it,you will,but if not,you'll get the runs,and after being pregnant and constipated for 9 months straight,the runs dont seem like the worst thing either.So i made myself a nice castor oil milkshake,only added 2 tbls,and that was fri late afternoon.So my labor started a few hours later,and before long my contractions were only a minute or two apart.So we dropped mckinley off and called the midwife,and headed for the hospital.I was fairly certain i would have the baby that night.At the hospital,I labored halfway through the night,and they ended up sending me home because i wasnt dialating...all those contractions,and i was still at 1 cm.So we left(against my will)and went and walked around Walmart for few hours.My contractions kept getting stronger and I was getting exhausted,but afraid to go home...So my midwife told me to go back to the hospital and have them check me again,they kept me till about 3 in the morning,and sent me packing,because although i was still contracting,i still wasnt dialating.About that time,i was kinda sorry i had taken the castor oil.I went home,and tried to sleep,and was pretty much in hard labor the rest the night,and kinda terrified i was gonna have the baby in the bed at home.Finally after shaking all night and resting very little in between,i got up around 7am and called my midwife again.I told her i was still in hard labor,and when i had gotten up that morning,i had lost my mucus plug.
She told me to come in (trip 3 to the hospital,in 1 night!)and checked me again,and low and behold,I was at 3 cm!I was so glad...i labored awhile longer,and then BAM! around 11 am,my contractions just stopped.they refused to induce me,since i was quite 39 weeks(i had a day and a half till i was!),and sent me home.So the moral of the story,castor oil works,but it can wear off,and labor might stop.rats.

So nothing happened that day,i got some sleep,had a few contractions here and there,and on Sunday i was miserable becasue baby had engaged,and then nothing!So i said forget this,im halfway there!And what do you think i did?YES.I had me some more tasty castor oil.went back to the hospital,spent another evening in labor,and NOTHING happened.CRAZY.Well,by the time we left,i was 75% effaced,but had only dialated to 3 and a half...and then it all stopped. AGAIN.So I suffered through monday...and went into labor again on monday night,it stopped again on tuesday morning,and i was able to get some more sleep.

On Tueday,the 13th of September,I went in for my doc appointment,and Mary Beth check me and said i was at about a 4 and did a cervical sweep(which ill never do again)to get my contractions going...then we went and walked around fred meyers for a few hours because she said if i could keep my contractions going,she would break my water once i was admitted So after walking and wearing myself out for a few hours,i was having strong steady contrctions every since seeing her that morning,except every time i sat down,they would slow down again.So i was like,'NO WAY AM I STOPPING NOW',so what do i do,i go and buy more cstor oil,add it to a smoothie,and head for the hospital...by the time i got there,they ckecked me,and got my epidural in,i was transitioning and had her a few hours ltr.Hallelujah!(:

So next time im pretty sure ill just let things happen naturally because with both my girls i have been induced,and i dont think my body likes it.Seems like i just made it alot harder on myself than it needed to be...but at least i know now...castor oil does work,but who wouldve thunk it could STOP working right in the middle of everything???thanx bek...ya little jerk (j/k)

Right as she was crowning,the nurse asked if i wanted to feel her,so josh took my hand and put it on her furry wet little head,and it was the craziest feeling ever...

and then the gave her to me and i just started crying,,,so did josh but dont tell him i told

such an angry little elf...but only when she's naked...other than that she's very sweet...and once she figured out in about 3 seconds that her life revolved around eating,she's been happy ever since

check out my awesome hair...its pretty curly and thick,with lotsa blonde highlights(:

grumpy face baby

very proud daddy...he was so amazing during all the hospital trips and hallway walking(:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Last preggo pic...

Hallelujah,Im not pregnant anymore!(: I had my little Lucy Jane last Tuesday,at 39 weeks and 2 days...this picture was taken the day a had her...a little tired in the face as i had been in labor off and on since the previous Friday.

39 weeks and 2 days

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

38+ weeks

So I'm in my 38th weeks of pregnancy,right about the time I delivered McKinley,and Doc said today after she checked me that things seem to be progressing this week...HALLELUJAH!Im feeling like Lucy could arrive any day.I'm incredibly tired of being pregnant,and ready to hold little girl in my arms...several of my friends have had thier babies in the last few weeks,and it makes it REALLY hard to wait my turn...but wait i must(: sigh (:

After our doc aptmt today,me and chub took daddy out on a coffee date to barns and noble,(he got to pay though...hehehe)and i had a spiced chai latte,he had a coconut mocha frappachina,and chub had a "chub coffee"(hot chocolate).We had fun...we always do.these two are so nutty together.

here's my gigantore 38 week shot...hopefully itll be the last one(:

Got a haircut!!!(: Its about time...its only been abt a year...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The going's on of Fall...

Heres a cool plant laurel gave me...i just bought this pot and repotted it for my empty corner in my upstairs den...i needed a plant for this corner anyways,so it worked out really nice(:

Josh has been on leave for a little while and has been getting some fall projects done...last week he fell a bunch of trees and made room for the yard we are putting in next year,and built us a big gnarly trash box outside...right now he's working on building a hearth for our pellet stove,and its turning out pretty nice...not sure why it looks like he's missing a bunch of teeth in this silly picture,assure you,he's not...(:

same plant,a little better lighting...

Laurel actually gave me a few plants as a housewarming gift a few weeks ago,and she started this one for my...which is awesome cuz i needed a viney type plant for my bookcase(:

this i one of 3 peices im trying to revive...it was half dead when she gave it to me,in a way too tiny pot,so i split it up,and it already seems to be doing btr

my pretty bamboo in the center...(:

the gorgeous plant my mom gave me for my bday a year and a half ago...just keeps getting prettier and prettier!(:

the hearth preject...

we spent some family time garage saling yesterday,josh got a steal on a toolbox full of tools($25) and a tablesaw...and i found a few treasures too...a whole bag full of one of my favorite bath and body works lotions for $10!

and two really cute tops that both match the cute skirt i found,all brand new,a dollar a peice!(:

for AFTER the baby is born of course(: pretty sure these wont fit right now!(: