Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd week with miss McKinley

studying with that daddy(:
the first bath!!!(: big yawn!!!first baths are exhausting!!! mom,ur squooshing my face!!!(:
my favorite jammies... this is a very McKinley look and pose...this one really captured her essence...haha(:
talkin to that mommy....(: i cant beleive my baby is almost two weeks old already!!!im healing quickly,and feeling a little better every day.ive started back to my housework and cant wait to start my workouts back up. ill probly wait a few more weeks on that.i have lost twenty-three pounds since i had the baby,its incredible.i only have 5-10 lbs left to be where i was before i got preggers.i guess all that healthy eating and excercise really paid off...im really glad because i was only halfway to my goal last summer,so i intend to get right back with it,and hopefully hit my goal by summertime...the nursing should help with that.by the way,what up with all you moms failing to mention how excrutiatingly painful nursing is for the first few weeks???nicely kept secret!!!im FINALLY starting to get over the worst soreness,and its been two weeks!!!man!!
anyways,im loving being a mommy,despite all the various pains that go with it,and josh is loving beiing a daddy(: hes a great daddy,and hes completely in love with his little girl...his academy is going great,last week was all prelim stuff,and it was pretty boring,but this week,they're learning defensive tactics,and basically getting the snot kicked outta them all day long.hes completely bruised and battered up,and hes loving every minute of it.CRAZY!!!we're on the second week already,i have a feeling its gonna go really fast,and he'll be graduating before we know it!!!our truck blew up last week,so we only have the minivan now,so im pretty much stuck at home now.RATS(: thats ok though,havent had much desire to go out and do much anyways(:we did go to town on saturday and showed the baby off at my shop,that was fun!!!
well,thats it for now,im off to make a pizza for dinner...love you guys!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sweetest wedding ever

Aimee and Toby played most of the music on the piano and violin...it was amazing!!!all the music sounded very celtic,to compliment Jo's Renaissance Theme

my lovely freind Joanna..and me with a puffy face,three days after giving birth(:

aaawww...so pretty...the bride and her ladies in waiting(:

the nervous groom and his brother

travis and aimee played the most beautiful celtic song on the guitar and violin...i dont remember the name i wish i did...it was awesome...travis was playing his six string

aren and jordy,the prison guards(:

jason didnt take his eyes off of jo the whole time...it was so cool...

saying the vows...

the exchange of rings...

my favorite picture...the prayer...

...and the moment we've been waiting for,all joannas life(:
when it was all over,Jo grabbed Jasons arm and marched out in the most possesive way,it was so adorable,there was pretty much not a dry eye in the house(:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome McKinley Jordan Lambert!!!(:

ok,heres McKinleys story...(; my water broke around ten o clock on tuesday night,and i woke up to pre-labor contractions around 12;30,called jenn,she told me to wait awhile,so tried to go back to sleep.but i was waking up to a contraction every 5-7 minutes pretty much all night,so around 3;00 i called my midwife at the hospital,and she told me to wait till they were four minutes apart,and then come to the hospital.so i paced and ate breakfast,and sat around,and tried to sleep,and finally fell asleep till about seven,at which point my midwife,mary beth,called me back to see why i wasnt at the hospital yet.i told her they had actually slowed down to abt ten minutes apart,so i had been sleeping.she told me to go ahead and come in so they could check if my water was broken for sure,and so it was.when she checked my cervix,it was still very thick,and i wasnt dialated at all,so she put this pill up me that helps thin the cervix out,and get your contractions going again,and so it did. so i walked the halls and stairs for a few hours with josh,and then pretty soon i hit the hard labour,in the early afternoon.the worst part was that it was all in my back. so i laboured all afternoon,and they kept checking me,but i had only dialated to a one and a half by the late afternoon.so she put another pill up me,and started me on antibiotics becuz my water had been broken for a long time,and i was pretty much in hard labor till about 11;30p.m.,at which point a had FINALLY dialated to a four.they had been making me walk the halls for hours,trying to get the baby to drop,and i was having hard contractions in my back the whole evening,until i got so weak,josh was practically holding me up while we walked,and every 30-45 seconds,i had to stop and grab the railing and rock through a contractions that lasted a minute or more,and then i started throwing up because i wass so dehydrated,it was awful.i thought for hours that i was gonna die.but i didnt(: and josh was so awesome and supportive,i wouldnt have made it through i dont think without him there.just having him there with me made me feel stronger,and when i wanted to give up i just prayed and hung onto josh for dear life.so when they finally got me to a four,i was able to get the blessed epidural i had been longing for around 11;30.
it took about ten minutes,and i was completely pain free,my labor sped up,and five hours later,after a nice long nap,i pushed McKinley Jordan out,with her daddy assisting the whole time.31 hours of labor,she was born at exactly five oclock i the morning on Feb.12th.it only took about ten minutes of pushing to get her out.that was the awesome part.josh cut her cord,and they put her on my belly first thing while they cleaned her off,and then handed her to me and her eyes were wide open,watching my face,and she started nursing right away.then her daddy helped the nurse get her cleaned off and weighed,and measured.all in all,it was the most awesome experience of our lives.

a proud daddy cutting the cord

20 inches long....

7lb.3oz !!!

my baby's (:

one day old... four days old
because i dont look angelic enough when i sleep,ill just put my hands up here all cute like this(:
going to the doctor for her first checkup