Saturday, July 31, 2010


Adventures with the Lamberts

On thursday this past week,our family spent the day with Cutter and Larae and Araena,we went out the thier property and Josh helped Cutter and Mr. Degerland and Ross with some concrete work (Cutter is building his house this summer).They bought property close to the Benson family,and we just had a nice day of work and fellowship,food and fun.after the work was all done,the Bensons shared thier awesome blueberry patch with us,and we all hiked down the power line and picked blueberries for a few hours.Mac LOVED eating the blueberries,as you can see from her little purple face,and we had a really fun time(:

Alaskan girls(:
the bounty(: 15 bags!!!im so exited to have alaskan blueberries in my freezer!!!

Mr. Benson let us ride his 4 wheeler back because we were super tired by the time we were done for the day!!!Carl and Florene Benson are some of the sweetest people i have ever met.they are those kind of people that are a "behind the scenes blessing" THE BEST KIND!(:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daddy's little helper

hanging the curtainrod for mommy...(:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my so called life

im an insomniac lately.i hate it.but im having issues sleeping tonight so i figured id write an update rather than toss and turn and keep Josh here i am.

So the big news is that got all our debts paid off this month.Weve been snowballing them for about ten months now.Our debt snowball is pretty much over.Whoo-hoo!!!We do have Josh's student loan that we are working on,but we arent gonna snowball that until after we take our vacation in october.So now we are actively working on our vacation snowball and heading towards an all expenses paid Hawaiian vacation!(: yay!we are very very excited and should have our tickets by the end of the month!:P We finally get our long awaited honeymoon,after three and a half years!

So me and Jenn ran the midnight sun run in June and finished our first 10k in about an hour and ten was an awesome experience,and a ton of fun.I couldn't bare to stop my training though,so i figured hey!i need something else to push for,the summer is only half over...
so im going to attempt to run the north pole half-marathon in august.Im loving the challenge of the training...i ran 8 miles for my long run yesterday,and my short runs are averaging 3-6 miles several times a week i will attempt a 9 miler for my long legs are killing me today,but i love it!a half marathon is 13 miles,so i have a ways to go yet.

Ive been experimenting with mixing my own grains and making multigrain gluten free breads,and thats been pretty playing with spelt,(my fav.)barley,millet,quinoa,
amaranth,oats,flax,wheat,buckwheat,...and xanthan gum is my new best sure your all convince that im a hippie now,but i still wear deoderant,and you might think different if you tasted my bread :P

Im reading a great book right now too,its called A Woman after God's own heart.Its been very helpful to me in my spiritual walk lately,and if you need something to read its pretty basic but pretty awesome!Bek recommended it to me and im so glad she did.

Mac is changing every day.her favorite words are..."poop","no,no,no","tori","roo"(rueben),and "cracker"...she says alot of other stuff too we just cant decipher it quite yet...but it wont be long.
shes very much into climbing and extremely independent.she likes to sing and starts dancing every time she hears music.she cracks herself up by walking around with both her fingers up her nose and laughing like a maniac.she will sit in the back of the van and have a full-on un-decipherable conversation with herself and cackle between avery word like she thinks she is just sooooooooooo hilarious...i just wonder what she's talking about that so funny(:

Josh is doing great...just working like a madman as usual and getting super excited about our vacation...he started working out again to get his bikini body for hawaii,and has even taken up running some...(: he hates running,so i think its funny(: but he's doing awesome at it(:
He bought a nice mt. bike this summer and weve done quite a but of riding as well.Not as much as we'd like,but he's been working lots of overtime to accomplish our goals,and im super proud of him for working so hard.i love my man(:

Well i think im finally getting tired,so im out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mac n cheese

IT had a rough morning...

"hey,did you seriously just take a picture and laugh at my pain?"

we got her these cool little golf clubs,but she rarely uses them to hit the golf balls...
they are her ninja stick...shes always popping around the corner and shell just go crazy and beat me or josh with one whilst cackling like a maniac....

let the beating commence...

and while she beats us with her ninja sticks...her face usually resembles this...

this was the position she assumed to take her morning poo not even joking...i was sitting at the table and looked up and saw her squatting on the stool and said"hey shmeigle!what on earth are you doing....?" i take a picture and she gives me this look,and then turns back around and starts like"are you serious?"

this is the favorite place to be while im cooking these days...shes discovered she can reach whatever food might happen to be on the counter with the use of this handy contraption...A STOOL...yesterday she drug it all over the house with in trouble now

smoothie time with mommy...our favorite breakfast...

you pretty much cant pry her lips off of this straw until its gone....